One in a million

Published 03 Aug 2015 
about  Scottsdale Reserve  
Watch out.<br/>Photo by Stephanie Robertson. Watch out.
Photo by Stephanie Robertson.

How long would it take, without being a professional photographer, to capture an image as special as this one? Although you can only see four wedge-tails in this photo there were actually five actively hunting this mob of roos.

If you're like me, you're probably guessing the photographer has waited for hours on end, taking countless shots in the hope of catching that one shot of something special.

For Stephanie Robertson, one of our volunteer weed patrollers here on Scottsdale, all it took was one afternoon and one shot.

While out spraying serrated tussock she noticed that the kangaroos on the hill were bouncing in all directions. What happened next, as you can see in the photo, was rather spectacular.

Although you can only see four wedge-tails in the image there were actually five actively hunting this mob of roos.

After the photo was taken (from a distance with a small camera!) the action went behind the next hill so we didn't see the end result, but on other trips around the reserve I've seen the five wedge-tails circling mobs of roos and they seem to have spooked them off a fresh roo carcass as well.