Our third Uunguu Monitoring & Evaluation workshop

on 13 May 2013 

Last week our 'UMEC' or Uunguu Monitoring & Evaluation Committee met at Truscott-Mungulalu. 5 of our Traditional Owner/Rangers sit on the committee together with 5 outside experts DEC Mammologist Norm McKenzie, Dr Andrew Burbidge, anthropologist Kim Doohan, Rod Kennett from NAILSMA (marine) plus our own Pip Walsh. Stuart Cowell helps run the workshops to keep them in line with the Open Standards. We stayed in the air base accomodation so operated on Darwin time but the noise from the SuperPuma helicopters was a great alarm clock. During the day we went down to the ranger camp and the rangers joined in. Had a nice session reviewing our freshwater target beside Gaambemirri Creek.