Oura Oura – common ground where all people meet

on 02 Jul 2015 

Oura Oura is common ground and a sanctuary for all.  Open to the general public 365 days a year for day access, this reserve is our heart and soul and represents cultural significance even beyond the birthplace of Bush Heritage, the Wilderness Society and the Greens.

In March this year, Lutriwita/Tasmanian Elders, both Aboriginal and European, children, staff, volunteers, Bob Brown and Paul Thomas, gathered by the fireside at Oura Oura to share and record stories and discuss the cultural heritage of the Liffey Valley.

Within the Liffey Valley, we manage our activities from a cultural landscape perspective.  By focussing on this, both the past and the present, we can better plan for a future community that is intrinsically linked to a healthy natural environment. 

To support this work we have established a group of professional volunteers experienced in Cultural Heritage Management.  Our volunteer’s current priorities are to document the past 40 years, particularly looking at Bob Brown’s connection with Liffey.

To complement this, we are working with the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community to understand the Aboriginal cultural values of the valley.  Working from the past to the present and the present to the past, we are piecing together the fabric that makes up the heritage of the valley today.

The Liffey Valley, with its Aboriginal, agricultural, forestry, tourism, lifestyle and conservation layers, makes for a complex yet not uncommon landscape.  By accepting the stories from each of these layers, as the building blocks of the current living cultures within the valley, and celebrating how each phase of history has led to the next, we can work together to maintain and strengthen all the values of the valley.

Applying global human values, the desire for clean air, soil and water for all future generations, we are at the local level bridging political and emotional divides and securing a shared and healthy landscape for all future generations. 

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