Oura Oura Reserve doubles in size!

Alistair Dermer
Published 25 Mar 2014 
about  Oura Oura  

This week marks a significant milestone in the History and evolution of Oura Oura, our birthplace. The addition of the adjoining title to the east, doubled our size and preserved the values of Oura Oura.

For the last fifteen years the parcel of land adjoining Oura Oura to the east was kept as a reserve to maintain both Bob Browns values and those of the Aboriginal Community.

This property was known up until this Monday as the “Cox and Chin Block”. Two parties owned this property. The Cox family, headed up by Alison Cox, whose connection to Tasmania runs back to the early 1800’s with Cox’s originally being relocated from Norfolk Island to the Longford area. 

Alison who passed away a few years ago, always wished for this land to be gifted to Bush Heritage and for it to make one reserve.  Her ashes and a small pile of river stones signifying her memorial are placed behind the hay shed on this property, along with a small tree planted by the river.

Richard Chin, also from a family that has deep roots in the Tasmanian landscape was pleased that we would be working with the Aboriginal community to ensure this be a sanctuary for all.  He has made his mark with exceptional stone work across Tasmania and the main land as a track worker. Richard values this parcel of land as a site for Aboriginal cultural heritage. 

Exciting times ahead for our birthplace, stay tuned for updates!

You can download a concept map here (1.4mb PDF).