Patch protection with Greening Australia

on 14 Nov 2014 
It has its own beuty

Following on from our work in April and our post of the 17th, here's an update of the two sites we 'scalped' in preparation for sowing down as a native grassland.

It was a pretty dramatic exercise involving more graders and dozers and some good fencing ... but then these seeds are expensive and sitting in the middle of a very weedy site on the valley floor.

Again, its early days still but we have some success as you can see here with hoaray sunrays, common everlasting, bluebells, yams, flax, scrambled eggs and copper wire daisies all coming through. The little wattle - well, that's actually on the direct seeding line.

Some more plants to come hopefully as there were 44 species sown (12 of which where grasses). You have to be patient in this game!

It has its own beuty