Poetry in the desert - volunteering at Cravens Peak

about  Cravens Peak Reserve  
on 30 Jul 2014 

Stuart and Sue Jones recently spent a month as volunteers at Cravens Peak Reserve in Western Queensland. Stu was so inspired by the experience that he penned a poem about their time in the red desert.

So I said to the My Goodwife it’s now time to go
I’m tired of the wind, and the rain and the snow.

We’ll pack up the van and head north as we do
She said that’s okay but let’s try something new.

So she looked on the website with great engineering
And contacted Bush Heritage to go volunteering.

Leanne spoke to Peter at Old Cravens Peak
He had lots of work for those who might seek

Peter and Linda welcomed us at the gate
They thought we were lost, we were a bit late.

We set up the van and they showed us around
200,000 hectares is a big block of ground.

Between me and the wife we have a few skills
Which we employed freely, we don’t give out bills

Well, we fixed up the trailer, and painted and cleaned
Sue scrubbed out the kitchen until the place gleamed.

I built a big table, and put up the shed
We had time in the desert where the sand is so red!

Matt and Amanda and their baby Belle
showed us the sites of the station as well.

It’s been great to meet people out here in the west
And despite the big challenge their work is the best.

They asked if we’d write an account of our stay
We stayed there a month and enjoyed every day.

If its sunsets and wildlife and adventure you seek
I can’t speak too highly of our time at the Peak.

So then Grey Nomads and others who roam
Go volunteering next time you leave home.

Stuart Jones, Narooma, NSW

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