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Q&A with supporter Harper Broome

Guest bloggers
Published 17 Dec 2019 
by Harper Broome 
about  Melbourne  

Harper at a climate strike.<br/> Harper at a climate strike.
Bush Heritage supporter Harper Broome.<br/> Bush Heritage supporter Harper Broome.

1.Who are you, where do you live and where do you go to school?

My name is Harper. I am a 15 year old boy who lives in Melbourne and goes to a high school in the city.

2.Why do you support Bush Heritage?

Because I understand that the environment is being destroyed by us, and we have to do everything we can to prevent the collapse of our vital ecosystems. And I believe that Bush Heritage is one of the most effective initiatives to help restore Australian habitats.

3.Why are you concerned about climate change and habitat loss? Is this a feeling shared by your peers?

I know that climate change is destroying the natural world that keeps us alive. Without these support systems life for us and all organisms on Earth will be changed forever. Habitat loss is a massive contributor to climate change and facilitates the extinction of many precious and unique species that will be lost forever.

This is a feeling that many of my peers have as well, because many of us feel that our future world is being destroyed.

4.Why are you interested in renewables and solutions to climate change?

I am interested in renewables because I, and many of my peers, know that they are our only route to preventing climate change and stopping the collapse of ecosystems. I am interested in other solutions to climate change for the same reason. I know that for the sake of our planet climate change must be averted.

5.Do you think it is important for the younger generation to support causes they believe in? Why?

Yes, I definitely believe that we must support causes we believe in, because if we don’t then we cannot expect real change to occur. And if we one day inherit the Earth we must be prepare to make decisions on what we want to change.

6. How do you gather information about the environment and the challenges it faces?

I use a couple of news sources to learn information, such as The Age, and listen to the ABC in the morning. Also hearing news from people around me has been another way to get information.

7. Have you always been interested in the environment?

Yes. My mum has worked in environmental sectors since I’ve been born so I have always had that as an influence to my understanding of the environment and the problems it’s facing.

8. What do you think you might study at university?

I am not certain yet, but I would like to study sciences like Biology and Chemistry at University.

9. If you could tell a Year 9 student in regional Australia one piece of advice to do with the environment, what would it be?

Try to stay well informed about the world around you and form your own opinions on issues such as climate change. And if you really believe in something act on it. Because that is the only way our generation can make positive change.

Bush Heritage supporter Harper Broome.<br/> Bush Heritage supporter Harper Broome.