Queensland Staff Gather at Carnarvon Station Reserve

on 26 May 2014 
Driver Safety Training CSR 2014
Paul Hales and Dave Akers on BBQ CSR 2014

Surfacing after a busy week here at Carnarvon Station Reserve, our management team Chris Wilson, Thornton Kerr and myself are delighted to have played host to the first BHA Queensland regional staff gathering on reserve.

With a focus on driver safety and 4WD recovery training, Queensland staff were bestowed some particularly confronting road statistics on driver related accidents across the nation’s roads, followed up with some practical driver safety training and simulated 4WD recovery situations.

The week was a family affair with several staff making the journey with their families, including Matt and Amanda Warr’s new baby girl “Isabella” just 4 weeks old, travelling in from western Queensland’s desert reserve “Cravens Peak”.

Reedy Creek Reserve Manager Matt Maclean was also joined by his family; partner Jo Horigan and children Lucinda and Annie joined our Carnarvon schoolroom for the week and with a little help from Carnarvon governess Kaitlyn Martin, provided some after dinner entertainment with their journal writing, cake decorating and Aussie impersonations.

North Queensland was represented by long term employees Paul and Leanne Hales from Yourka Reserve.  Paul and Leanne provided staff with an update on recent work on Yourka Reserve and in particular some of the latest achievements from BHA’s volunteer involvement across the country with Leanne covering the role of National Volunteer Coordinator.

Healthy Landscape Manager for Queensland, Steve Heggie laid his valuable service to the organisation on his ability to recruit some great staff over the years, after he was taken by surprise when Rob Murphy (Executive Manager NORTH) presented him with a plaque for his ten years of service to the organisation.  Steve started with Bush Heritage on Carnarvon in 2004, so it did seem apt the plague was mounted on a piece of Carnarvon hardwood ‘Budgeroo’.

Contract Author and Writer Dr Sarah Martin and her husband Peter also participated in the happenings for the week as part of Sarah’s research into Bush Heritage.  Sarah has been given the esteemed task of writing a book on the history of Bush Heritage.  The book is due for release in 2016, which is expected to coincide with BHA’s 25th Anniversary.

Other participants for the week included; Dave and Sue Akers (Managers Naree Reserve), Peter Weldon (Manager Cravens Peak Reserve) and BHA ecologists Murray Haseler and Adam Kerezsy, along with a visit from several neighbours to Carnarvon who joined the group later in the week.

Carnarvon’s customarily precarious access roads held up well with the extra traffic, due mainly to the 18mm of rain falling on the Friday after most people had already departed.

Alongside the week’s regional priority business plan discussions, Carnarvon staff managed to fit in a prescribed burn for the reserve, providing a spectacular fireworks display for guests with a back burn around the homestead Thursday evening.  The fireworks was appropriately followed by some light entertainment from BHA’s own Adam Kerezsy on guitar, delivering a perfect finale to a great week.

Photos courtesy of Steve Heggie, Jo Horigan and Kaitlyn Martin.

Driver Safety Training CSR 2014
Paul Hales and Dave Akers on BBQ CSR 2014