Queensland team lends a hand in WG country

on 22 Aug 2014 

Steve Heggie, Thornton Kerr and Matt McLean recently came over to Wunambal Gaambera country to lend a hand with field work. Steve and Matt each spent a fortnight skippering a 6.5m work boat for transporting equipment and people out on project work including turtle and seagrass surveys and fencing projects, while Thornton worked with a team of rangers to rebuilding a barrier fence that keeps cattle out of the Bougainville Peninsula and its network of rainforest patches.

Matt earned the nickname "Mulunju (oyster) Man", bringing bucket loads of oysters back for dinner each night. The stocks should recover in a few years time.

Rangers and Traditional Owners enjoyed meeting and working with Steve, Thornton and Matt and learning from their experience. It was great that they were able to come over and lend a hand at such short notice. This kind of staff exchange is really great for partnership building because it builds relationships between individuals rather than just organisations. Hopefully there will be opportunities for WG rangers to visit BHA staff on their reserves for project work in future too.