Raised water trough reduces grazing pressure

Published 20 Nov 2014 
about  Eurardy Reserve  
Eurardy Reserve Manager Ian Hamilton with Jenny (the dog).<br/> Eurardy Reserve Manager Ian Hamilton with Jenny (the dog).

An elevated watering point was constructed by volunteer Dave Leeson and was installed at the homestead on Eurardy Reserve, WA, in mid-winter.

The timing gave kangaroos and emus (there are large numbers of them around the homestead owing to the cropping program conducted at Eurardy) time to relocate to other waters before the hot weather came in.

Resident bird life was unaffected - even the bronze wings fly up to it. In fact, it has prevented feral cat predation at the trough.

It's also had the desired affect of reducing the grazing pressure nearby so from an ecological point of view it's a been a good win.