Return of the birds

about  Monjebup 
on 20 Feb 2017 

A wide variety of birds are returning to our Monjebup North property, in the Gondwana Link pathway in southwest WA, just 4 years after the paddocks were seeded with native plants.

Volunteers Annie and Ian Mayo recently spent a few days camping on the reserve in the area that was replanted in winter 2012, and they turned up a few surprises.

They had volunteered to erect 30 Pygmy Possum nest boxes, which they did, however their early mornings were spent bird watching. Being keen photographers this also involved cameras and a lot of patience. They were rewarded with photographs of a Southern Emu Wren – the first sighting in any of the re-vegetated areas across four properties.

They also captured a Purple-crowned Lorikeet, Brush Bronzewing, Elegant Parrot, Blue-breasted Fairy-wren, Purple-gaped Honeyeater and White-eared Honeyeater, as well as many other species. 

An adult Black-gloved Wallaby also stayed still enough for them to snap a lovely shot in the early morning light. It's heartening to know that these former paddocks are now home to many resident, small birds and a threatened mammal.