Ride2Work Day 2013

on 22 Oct 2013 

Congratulations to all of the Bushie riders who arrived in style using various different routes and bikes and even to those who walked. There were riders from East, West, North and South of Melbourne including a bike bus organised by Paul Young and a couple of mutli-modal effort by Troy and Maggie, who caught the train and then rode with Maggie taking advantage of the Melbourne bike-share bikes at Southern Cross Station. Most of the commuters had ridden to work in prior years and many were regular commuters.   Fourteen riders participated in Melbourne with only one rider participating in another location - well done David Akers and your ride out to the dunes definitely counts!

The weather in Melbourne was warm but with buffetting winds so tough going for those not as used to riding.  I even managed to fall off my bike when I sadly forgot to put my feet down when giving way to another rider!

And the Awards go to ...

First Time Commuter: Maggie Hu – it may have been a short ride but Maggie showed great determination to hire a Melbourne bike!

Most Scenic Commute:  David Akers – Naree Station - need I say more!

Most Novel Commute: Liz Hackett – a pelican rescue on the way to work definitely makes this effort worth an award despite the fact that Liz was not technically riding to work.

Largest group commute:  Paul Young and the North team – well done Northerners!

Congregating at Piccolocino the Melbourne groups talked shop over coffee and breakfast in their Bush Heritage tee's.

Well done on a sensational Ride2Work day, all of you!

Cheers, Fiona and Lisa