Ride2Work Day 2014

about  Naree Station  
on 16 Oct 2014 

Congratulations to all of the Bushie riders who arrived on bike via various routes and even to those who walked. This year we had riders from East, North and South of Melbourne including the annual bike bus from the North organised by Paul Young. Troy Dare once again combined the train and the bike ride showing determination to participate despite an off-site training day.  We were also pleased to have Ruth and Liz join us on foot.   Fourteen riders participated in Melbourne with David Akers the only rider from around Australia searching for feral goats on his bike!

A few words from participants:

Troy Dare:

“Ride to work day 2014 had to be a bit different to previous days I'd participated in. A changed venue for a workshop that day had just taken my ride 'over the horizon' for me but I felt that I'd committed to the spirit of the day with the Bushie riders so a ride to the nearest beach and along gave me a great sense of open-air, space, and vitality, as I cycled toward Melbourne city, where I was able to hop aboard a train for 'the extra bit'. Sometimes commuter riders can feel that they take up a bit more space on public transport, but I can report that the furtive glances at the bike were far from malevolent. Several folks, in asking where I was riding (...on a train!) hadn't thought of linking a commute, and were thinking about how they too, could create a ride which took them through their local bushland or bike path. One considered it a new opportunity to extend his lunchtime travels, to link the commute, and have the bike available to get to a park for his lunch.

 Most train services ask that cyclists simply roll their bike to the last carriage to prevent obstacles to other people boarding on busy platforms.

 I hope that everyones' trip to work can be as pleasant as mine was yesterday. Certainly, the extra time I had riding instead of walking some sections let me enjoy a beautiful time of day in the afternoon - even if the river was flowing through buildings, not mountains...”


Dave Akers:

“Looking for feral goats - they can't hear you coming on the pushie. No coffee shop at the end of the track though.”


And the Awards go to ...

First Time Commuter: Chantal Fowler and Melanie Addinsall

Most Scenic Commute:  Troy Dare – for the beach component of the ride and Dave Akers for his ride at Naree.

Most Novel Commute: David Akers – chasing feral goats via bike is certainly more novel than most of our trip’s to work!

Largest group commute:  Paul Young and the North team – well done Northerners!

Congregating at Bear Brass, the Melbourne groups enjoyed an early breakfast before travelling by convoy into the office.

Well done on a sensational Ride2Work day, all of you!

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