Ride2Work Day 2015

Published 14 Oct 2015 
by Fiona Hann  

Congratulations to all of the Bushie riders who arrived on bike via various routes and also to those who walked to work. This year our numbers were depleted as a number of our regular riders were away travelling, including Paul Young who normally organises the bike bus from the North.

This role was ably filled by Katrina Blake and Kate Eddy, and we still had approximately 10 staff ride or walk to work in the Melbourne office, with riders coming from the East, North and South of Melbourne. It was also great to see participation from around Australia with Glen Norris and Al Dermer riding at Boolcoomatta, David Akers enjoying the sunset at Naree, and Troy Dare continuing his regular commute in Canberra.

And the Awards go to ...

Most Scenic Commute:  Dave Akers the sunset at Naree.

Most Novel Commute: Glen Norris and Al Dermer – although I’m not sure how much riding is possible through those boulders.

Longest Commute: Lucy Jones (approximately 20 km each way - a significant commute!)

Congregating at the café at the bottom of the building, the Melbourne group enjoyed an early breakfast.

Well done on a sensational Ride2Work day, all of you!