Riding to work at Yourka - pragmatism at its finest!

Published 16 Oct 2012 
Bonni<br/> Bonni

200+km is a bit far for a morning commute from our home in Malanda to Yourka Reserve (well for us anyway), but Ride2Work Day seemed like the perfect opportunity to introduce the latest mode of transport at Yourka- Bonni the horse!

Bonni is our new weed-seeking machine and Paul and Bonni will be riding to work throughout October to conduct siam weed surveys along the creeklines of the Upper Herbert catchment.

On-ground and helicopter surveys have been conducted at Yourka for over 10 years but we are still finding infestations of mature siam plants hidden in dense lantana and isolated pockets along abandoned logging tracks. The country we need to cover during the siam flowering cycle in October and June is simply too much for an RM and a handful of volunteers...and we have been fighting a losing battle.

But now we have the best tool for the job- with Bonni we can cover up to five times the country during those short timeframes and, from 17 hands high, it will be much easier to spot siam plants that get missed when you are on foot and bashing through lantana which is well above your head.

This is an example of pragmatism at its best. Well done BHA! With this new management tool we reckon the odds are finally in our favour. We have renewed confidence that we can beat siam weed and clean up the creeks of this magic reserve :-)

Bonni<br/> Bonni