Scottsdale Reserve nursery plus seed update

on 19 Nov 2015 

Our regular nursery helper, Sue, offered these thoughts on the flowers at Scottsdale:

Already spring has been busy at Scottsdale in the gardens and the nursery. Various seed-collecting areas are busier than I can remember last year.

I've taken some pictures that I hope you all enjoy of the nursery and grassland patch, which has provided us with a whopping 700 grams of Hoary Sunray seeds. That's not including seed from Yam  Daisies, Billy Buttons, Small Vanilla lily and so on.

A big thank-you to all the other volunteers who've helped so far – it's been a great effort indeed.

A special thank you to Cliff, who helps me out digging many holes, planting trees and any little jobs I need doing. Cliff, you are a legend!