Scottsdale Volunteer Community

about  Scottsdale Reserve  
on 02 Jun 2015 

Our Scottsdale Volunteer Nursery Coordinator Sue Connelly has recently completed a project to showcase all of the regular individuals that make up the team that support Scottsdale Reserve.

Sue is in the enviable position of having the opportunity to meet nearly all of the volunteers who engage in the myriad of activities on Scottsdale. Sue recently commented "I so often hear volunteers talk about other volunteers that they may have corresponded with or have heard about in conversation but they never get the chance to meet them in person".

This situation occurs all over the country as many of our volunteers travel and visit reserves and hear the stories and appreciation of those who have visited before them.

To remedy this problem Sue set about documenting all of the very familiar faces and has created the Scottsdale Volunteer Board. This has been a wonderful initiative and will help not only other Scottsdale Volunteers but the Brisbane based Volunteer Coordinator!

Thank you Sue for your imagination and for all that you do for Bush Heritage Australia.

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