Siam weeding work 2015

about  Yourka Reserve  
on 19 May 2015 

So how did you spend your National Volunteers week? I was fortunate enough to spend mine working alongside volunteers to complete siam surveys and treatment along the creeklines at Yourka Reserve.

Ranging in ages from 22 to 72, we had a retired accountant, a geologist, a medical researcher, a weed officer from the Brissy Council and a builder’s labourer – all armed with digging tools and GPS radios helping us scour the creek banks for the highly invasive weed.

What brings such a diverse group of people together to pull weeds at the top of the Herbert River catchment? A sense of adventure, a love of the bush and a desire to do something to improve and protect it.

On the Friday we were joined by Rob Murphy (Bush Heritage Executive Manager North), Stacey (a member of our fundraising team) and two of our Bush Heritage donors. It was a real pleasure to showcase the impressive results of the siam project, which has been supported by volunteers since 2009.

We presented site data that showed a 97% decrease in plant numbers in our major seedbank sites.

Now I’m not sure whether it was 'helpers high' or the buzz of aching muscles and blistered feet meeting the icy cold waters at the Yourka gorge, but our last afternoon together was certainly a happy time and a celebration of the power of people coming together for very good cause – the Australian environment.

This week we’ve got over 80 volunteers helping us again in various ways around the country!

If you're interested in getting involved, visit our voluteering page to register your interest.

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