Staff Award: The Collaboration Award!

Published 22 Nov 2012 

Congratulations to Peter Saunders, the winner of Bush Heritage's Collaboration Award!  He was nominated by his peers ‘for exemplary demonstration of collaboration and engagement with others'. The selection committee took into account the judging criteria when reviewing the nominations and awarding the winner. 

The Judging Criteria:

  • Evidence or testimony describing how the individual’s contribution has greatly contributed to achieving organisation goals
  • Not necessarily a stand-out achiever, can also be a quiet achiever
  • Person performs their role with a strong demonstration of Health and Safety / the Value in question

Acknowledging his incredible contribution to supportiveness and team work, the nominations for Peter Saunders were:

“He has demonstrated time and time again his passion for engaging others in the work that BHA and he does in NSW.  Either through school groups, volunteers, complimentary agencies, the broader community, BHA staff and other visitors.  Peter maintains sound relationships throughout NSW and understands the importance of effective collaboration and maintenance of relationships with neighbours.”

“For galvanising an entire community of volunteers who love and care for Scottsdale Reserve, without whom Scottsdale would be none of what it is today. Peter relentlessly promotes the achievements of his volunteer team within Bush Heritage and the broader community.”

“As all Reserve Managers do, Peter engages with people from a broad range of groups. He makes the most of his proximity to population centres to successfully juggle an exceptionally high load of interest groups and stakeholders for the benefit of his reserve portfolio. Peter facilitates input from multiple BHA volunteers and stakeholder groups that include Greening Australia, Waterwatch, Birdlife Australia, Australian Deer Association, Canberra Ornithological Group, Orana School, Kosciusko To Coast, Friends Of Grasslands,  UMDR, ACWA, UMCCC, COG, Australian National University, Australian National Botanic Garden, CMNs, Country Fire Authority, Rural Fire Service, CC, Landcare, and neighbours."

The Awards Runner Up’s deserve recognition for their incredible contributions:

Annette Stewart

“For her work on Miradi. Bringing together the wider conservation community in Australia to work on Miradi and engaging with other groups to improve the conservation management process in Australia.”

“For the Collaboration Award (although it could just as well be the Conservation Award and/or the Pragmatism Award) due to her ongoing quiet achievements – most notably this year in the implementation of Mirardi, which is already a valuable tool for the whole organisation, and for her work on the purchase of Naree Station. Both of these significant projects have needed the collaboration of many people to help bring them about, but Annette has been there throughout managing the projects and achieving important outcomes for Bush Heritage, whilst always being willing to share knowledge.”

Al Dermer

"For developing the concept of a national gathering and being willing to lead and carry it through.”

Simon Smale

“Simon has demonstrated his ability to engage with a broad range of stakeholders (research groups, funding bodies, volunteers, and fellow Bushies) in a positive and constructive way.  He is also collaborative in the way he generously shares of his knowledge, time, and projects.”