Staff Award: The Conservation Award!

on 22 Nov 2012 

Congratulations to Annette Stewart and Adam Kerezsy, the joint winners of Bush Heritage's Conservation Award!  They were nominated by their peers 'for outstanding contributions to our conservation goals'. The selection committee took into account the judging criteria when reviewing the nominations and awarding the winners.

The Judging Criteria:

  • Evidence or testimony describing how the individual’s contribution has greatly contributed to achieving organisation goals
  • Not necessarily a stand-out achiever, can also be a quiet achiever
  • Person performs their role with a strong demonstration of Health and Safety / the Value in question

Acknowledging their incredible contributions to conservation,  the nominations for Annette Stewart and Adam Kerezsy were:

Annette Stewart

“She is an outstanding champion of the Open Standards and Miradi within Bush Heritage for the benefit of furthering our conservation work.  She retains her commitment to the goals through tough times and setbacks.  She is a quiet achiever, always humble about her achievements, therefore not always recognised for the incredible effort and care she puts in and the wonderful outcomes of such efforts.”

“For her work with Miradi, for the wealth of knowledge that she holds and shares, about Bush Heritage. For remaining positive over such a long period of time at Bush Heritage and for encouraging others to overcome obstacles to achieve their goals”

Adam Kerezsy

“His contribution this year has been both outstanding, not just from an on-ground and scientific perspective – but across several teams within BHA, to not only save the little fish, but to make sure as many people in the world know about its plight.  Adam has done the following this year:  Countless driving trips to Edgbaston for gambusia work, new poison trials and the building of the earthen bund around a gambusia-free springs. Here he has shown complete and utter dedication to save is fish – not to mention some very creative and innovative ideas.  The work Adam does is hours and hours of driving over hundreds of kms of lonely road. One particular trip he did while his father in law was extremely ill in hospital, but he persisted and remained dedicated to the cause. On this particular trip, he also hosted journos and helped us achieve great exposure to the plight of the little fish.  Adam also got the blue-eye in the IUCN’s global top 100 species most at risk of extinction list – he achieved this through a great deal of submission writing and follow up. All off his own bat.  Adam has also attend numerous conferences, presents at many a symposium and will do an interview with just about anyone at any time – all in the name of saving the red-finned blue eye.   Thanks to the hard work and insane-efficiency of Dr Fish, the future of our beloved blue-eye is certainly looking up.”

The Awards Runner Up’s deserve recognition for their incredible contributions:

Peter Ashton

“For his ongoing commitment to conservation at Boolcoomatta, staying for long enough to see the work through and being detailed enough to ensure that all elements have been managed consistently.”

Reserve Managers & Field Officers

“Reserve managers/field officers (collectively) who have managed thru recent bust and boom cycles in outback Australia and have all made a difference in their regional communities.”