Staff Award: The Health & Safety Award!

Published 22 Nov 2012 

Congratulations to Eve Jani, the winner of Bush Heritage's Health and Safety Award!  She was nominated by her peers ‘for outstanding contribution to our health and safety goals’. The selection committee took into account the judging criteria when reviewing the nominations and awarding the winner.

The Judging Criteria:

  • Evidence or testimony describing how the individual’s contribution has greatly contributed to achieving organisation goals
  • Not necessarily a stand-out achiever, can also be a quiet achiever
  • Person performs their role with a strong demonstration of Health and Safety / the Value in question

Acknowledging her incredible contribution to supportiveness and team work, the nominations for Eve Jani were:

“For keeping us all safe, either in the bush or the office”

“For her commitment to health and safety on reserves and in the workplace. She is proactive about health and safety and encourages others to do the same, by example. She's no-fuss and gets down to the job.”

“For taking on the task of Health & Safety as a new discipline and with great vigour.”

The Awards Runner Up’s deserve recognition for their incredible contributions:

Steve Heggie

“Continues to consider and implement safety mentality and policy across the region he operates in and throughout the broader organisation.  He brings a lifetime of pragmatic safety competence to BHA that is essential when operating across broad landscapes.”

“although an ‘optional’ attendee of the HS Committee, has attended every meeting he has been able to, therefore demonstrating continued commitment and contribution.”

Lisa Wollermann

“Has the best interest for people and is an encyclopaedia OHS policy or should I say she always puts staff wellbeing as her first priority. She has taken tremendous efforts in Organising several events and programs in place in staff’s best interest.”

“As long-standing First Aid Officers within Melbourne CSC”

Katrina Blake & Heidi Fisher

“for their committed and consistent contribution to the Health & Safety Committee, being two individuals who have never missed a meeting or the opportunity to provide input into decision making within that Committee. They are also long-standing Emergency Response Wardens within Melbourne CSC”

Clair Dougherty

“as long-standing First Aid Officers within Melbourne CSC”

Liz Hackett

“for previously committed contribution to the HS Committee and a long-standing Floor Warden within Melbourne CSC”

Jen Grindrod & Annette Ruzicka

“old and new Floor Wardens within Melbourne CSC.”


“These (above) individuals have stepped up as volunteers within the Melbourne office, offering their time and energy to something that is not a core part of their role and for that I think they deserve individual recognition.”