Staff Award: The Pragmatism Award!

on 22 Nov 2012 

Congratulations to Annie Mayo, the winner of Bush Heritage's Pragmatism Award!  She was nominated by her peers ‘for exemplary demonstration of commitment to pragmatism'. The selection committee took into account the judging criteria when reviewing the nominations and awarding the winner.

The Judging Criteria:

  • Evidence or testimony describing how the individual’s contribution has greatly contributed to achieving organisation goals
  • Not necessarily a stand-out achiever, can also be a quiet achiever
  • Person performs their role with a strong demonstration of Health and Safety / the Value in question

Acknowledging her incredible contribution to pragmatism, the nominations for Annie Mayo were:

“For taking on the Bequest manager role, helping to manage over 1000 bequestors with both sensitivity and pragmatism”

The Awards Runner Up’s deserve recognition for their incredible contributions:

Dave Whitelaw 

“Is constantly trying to balance competing priorities and demands and within a busy job manages to balance and select the pragmatic approach.”

Glen Norris

“For undertaking a challenging role on a large outback property with great responsibilities but achieving great outcomes despite the many limitations.”

Darren Pilkington 

“Who always stands up for the welfare and happiness of his team despite pressure from multiple parts of the organisation, and for his belief that it's better to do fewer jobs well than a hundred jobs sloppily. Darren is willing to be outspoken and is open with his recommendations as well as criticisms, and constantly collaborates with different teams to get agreement on important IMIS decisions. He exemplifies the pragmatic approach and his team are lucky to have him standing up for them.”