Staff Award: The Supportiveness Award!

Published 22 Nov 2012 

Congratulations to Suhang Chen, the winner of Bush Heritage's Supportiveness Award!  She was nominated by her peers ‘for exemplary demonstration of supportiveness and team work’. The selection committee took into account the judging criteria when reviewing the nominations and awarding the winner.

The Judging Criteria:

  • Evidence or testimony describing how the individual’s contribution has greatly contributed to achieving organisation goals
  • Not necessarily a stand-out achiever, can also be a quiet achiever
  • Person performs their role with a strong demonstration of Health and Safety / the Value in question

Acknowledging her incredible contribution to supportiveness and team work, the nominations for Suhang Chen were:

“For her unfailing efforts to assist with financials, quickly and with such care and friendliness”
“Her efficiency and support in finance has made navigating coding and budgets a lot easier!”

The Awards Runner Up’s deserve recognition for their incredible contributions:

Sarah Eccles

“Is always willing and professional in her approach to the support of others.  This is demonstrated with her work internally and externally of BHA”

Jim Radford

“Who has only just returned but has already displayed his willingness to work with the Marketing team and his own team to achieve cross departmental objectives and conservation outcomes. Jim is always willing to help, and respects and values the expertise offered by the breath of teams at Bush Heritage. Thanks Jim!”

Fiona Hann

“Is the most supportive person and colleague to work with. She approaches all situations compassionately and pragmatically. Very humble, no tantrums and not at all pompous about her good work.”

Steve Heggie

“For routinely backing all of his Qld staff as well as actively and regularly contributing to Melbs and national meeting agendas.”