Staff Gathering Fun Awards

Published 26 Nov 2012 
about  Melbourne  

At the National Gathering the 'Fun' awards were also handed out.

Winners were:

Buzzword or best quote of the year - Murray Haseler for managing overgrazing on Yourka, "You can’t eat your grass and have it too"

MacGyver Award – best person to have around when in a pickle!

Mr MacGyver - Paul Hales (thanks to Leanne for the fabulous photos!), Ms MacGyver - Liz Hackett

Neat as a Pin Award – the neatest work space - Susan Mullins

Baby-Bottom Award – the ‘smoothest’ in a time of crisis - Jen Grindrod

Straight Shooter Award – the voice of reason when most needed - Dave Whitelaw

Miracle-Worker Award – makes great things happen! - Annette Stewart

Boy Scout Award – always doing good for others - Chris Burns

Happy Pants Award – most fun to have around the workplace - Clair Doherty