Tasmania, our birthplace, our home - Only recently!

on 19 Dec 2013 

Tasmania, our birthplace, our home.  Only Recently!

22 years ago BHA was born and 10 years ago BHA moved to Victoria. At this time BHA started to focus on engaging Aboriginal Australians in the work that we do, working with them on their land, and working together on the land that we manage as custodians.

Over the past 10 years we have developed the BHA Indigenous Engagement Policy and many other improvements on this front, led by the Partnerships team at the time.

Now with our regionalised approach we are in the process of transferring the responsibility of these relationships to a shared arrangement between healthy landscape managers & reserve managers with the likes of Sarah Justin Emma and Tom.

This year I have been establishing and strengthening relationships in Victoria and Tasmania with Sarah Eccles.

In Tasmania we have been making contact with individuals and groups across the state and working to strengthen these relationships with the intent to transfer these into partnerships in the future.

In 2014 we will continue to build on these relationships with The Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre (TAC); Tasmanian Aboriginal Land and Sea Council; the Riawanna Centre UTAS; Polytechnic -  Indigenous Horticulture certificate; Tasmanian Aboriginal Elders; Palawa centre; Aboriginal Heritage Officers and others.

Our hope is that we will be known buy Tasmanina Aboriginal People as respectful custodians of their traditional lands. And together we can share traditions and practice culture.

if you get the opportunity, I encourage you to attend cultural awareness training and other events that help us to collectively through our work re-knit the spiritual and physical connections between those past and those present.

Just thought I'd share alittle of what has inspired me this year.