Why do people in the environment matter?

Published 28 Apr 2014 
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TEDx Sydney - People & Outback Australia

This recent TEDx Talk by Pew's Dr Barry Traill references Wardekken Rangers and Bush Heritage efforts in conserving outback Australia and makes the case for embracing people in the landscape.

Taken from the TEDx Sydney webpage:

Dr Barry Traill is one of Australia's leading environmental campaigners. Driven by a lifelong love of Australia's bush and unique wildlife, Barry has successfully combined his expertise in zoology, skills in advocacy, and his ability to motivate and collaborate, to secure large areas of Australia's land and sea from destructive threats.

Barry's work over three decades has been the catalyst for the protection of the highly biologically-diverse Box- Ironbark woodlands of Victoria, the cessation of the broadscale clearing of the Queensland bush, and the creation of the world's largest network of marine parks.

In 2007 Barry became the Australian Director of the global NGO the Pew Charitable Trusts and leads their work in protecting one of the world's great remaining natural places – the Australian Outback.

Click here to see Barry's talk online.