Thank you Bushie Bloggers!

on 03 Apr 2013 

Dear Bushies,

This is a big shout-out to say THANK YOU to all you wonderful Bushies who have embraced the Bushie Blog and in doing so have secured its success as an organisational tool for Bush Heritage teams to share their news and to generate story ideas for our supporter audience.

Some of you may notice that a number of stories that started as gems on the Bushie Blog became stories in the recent newsletter, including Di Davies’ description of the discovery of a tiny new flower at Naree, Angela Sanders’ pertinent question ‘How much does a honey possum weigh?’ and Paul Hales’ photo and story of how Bonni the horse is helping to tackle Siam weed at Yourka.

A very big thanks also to Craig Allen, who championed the idea, created an easy-to-use system and who nurtures the Bushie Blog day-to-day.

If you haven’t yet tried it yet, and you’d like to share your team’s achievements or challenges, jump onto the Bushie Blog and try it out.  Most Bushies have found it easy to use but if you have any trouble at all, you’ll find Craig is very friendly and willing to  answer your questions. And if you enjoy a Bushie Blog post, don’t forget to leave a comment and let the author know. Everyone loves feedback!

Thanks and well done to Craig and all our Bushie Bloggers.

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