Thank-you from the south east

on 11 May 2015 
Alistair Dermer
David and Sue Akers

"Starting up a new reserve here at Naree has been a huge undertaking for the two of us. Volunteers are helping us with a range of tasks - monitoring, mapping, vegetation surveys, caretaking, visitor support and fencing. The volunteers who support us are amazing and contribute to our science and monitoring programs. Thank-you all Bush Heritage Volunteers for all that you do."
David and Sue Akers, Naree Station


"Without volunteers I wouldn't be able to achieve many of the outcomes we plan. Volunteers bring skills and experience to our program that would not otherwise be available. Over the past 18 months, I've established a Cultural Heritage Project Group of volunteers for the Liffey valley. The priority for the group at present is the past 40 years at Oura Oura, which is Bob Brown's time connected to the property. This heritage is of national significance and without this group of highly skilled, motivated and experienced volunteers, much of the work wouldn't be possible. Thank-you and enjoy National Volunteer Week 2015."
– Alistair Dermer, Healthy Landscape Manager Victoria and Tasmania


"We couldn't do our jobs without the input of volunteers and Scottsdale would be years behind in its recovery. We've built a strong community of volunteers at Scottsdale and their support, ideas and guidance are invaluable. Our proximity allows for easy access to the reserve and every day of the week our volunteers are out in force supporting us. They cause the happy making of many a cup of tea and some of them even bring us icecream!"
– Peter Saunders, Healthy Landscape Manager, South East NSW and Brett Peden, Scottsdale Field Officer


"Each year I enlist the support of volunteers to help in the Nardoo Hills weed reduction program and I'm always grateful and heartened by the support, knowledge and thoroughness of the volunteers who help me. The work can be sometimes difficult and the program takes place over the winter months so the temperatures can be icy. Our volunteers (often the same people) come back year after year, still filled with passion to help with the work that we do. Thank you!"
Jeroen Van Veen, Reserve Manager, Nardoo Hills


"I've had the pleasure of working with volunteers now for over ten years and I still very much believe mine is the best job in the world. Each day I get to spend my time meeting and talking with the most incredibly altruistic, passionate people from across the country. Bush Heritage volunteers want to make a difference by rolling their sleeves up and supporting the work that we do. We thank all of our volunteers for their support and wish them a happy National Volunteer Week."
Michelle Stook, National Volunteer Coordinator

Alistair Dermer
David and Sue Akers