Thank-you to our volunteers!

on 14 May 2015 
Annette Stewart

"In my role of Executive Manager Corporate Services & Chief Finance Officer for Bush Heritage, I'm really fortunate to be able to include volunteers as part of our broader Corporate Services Team. Volunteers bring expertise and confidence in certain specific professional areas, whether it be in IT systems or in legal work, for example, that we simply can't practically obtain in other ways. This not only adds volumes to the services we can provide to the wider Bush Heritage operation, but it also hugely lifts the rest of the work we are already doing. This is because all of our services are complementary in one way or another and so when one element of our work is improved then it gives us all a lift. It makes us jump higher and gives us more confidence that we can succeed in our existing work. It also makes us feel great about our team - that someone would voluntarily wish to join with us! Finally it gives us valuable external perspective on our work, including constructive suggestions as well as affirmation that we're on the right track!"
– Rob Pratt, Executive Manager Corporate Services and Chief Finance Officer

"Without the help of volunteers, I couldn't do my job and Bush Heritage wouldn't have been able to afford the good systems we now have in place to help us manage our conservation work. The Properties Database, BushWiki and extensions to our Miradi software have all been built by skilled and supportive volunteers located here in our Melbourne office or working from their homes, scattered across the country and as far away as Oregon in the US. They're my heroes!"
– Annette Stewart, Conservation Systems Specialist

"As Health, Safety & Environment Coordinator for Bush Heritage Australia, I find that in my role volunteers very visibly demonstrate the passion that all involved with Bush Heritage bring to our reserves, projects, and communities. Sometimes the work a volunteer does on their 'working-holiday' is a great way to support a reserve manager, who, despite on-going responsibilities, and that 'next project', needs to have a bit of a break, too. The fact that some of our volunteers might choose to describe their hard work on a reserve as a 'breath of fresh air', underscores just how fortunate we are to be continually on, around, and involved with these beautiful places and in preserving their natural landscapes and systems. For my role, I work to facilitate the good and safe experiences and working roles of these volunteers supporting us in our work." Troy Dare, Health Safety and Environment Coordinator

"Volunteers are a real saviour during busy periods. Their support during crunch time often makes the difference between success and failure, and I am very grateful for the generosity with which they share their time and expertise."
Sabine Reiser, Event and Adminstration Coordinator

"With the Bush Heritage website and social media channels such as Facebook there's so much to be done that we're often chasing our tails trying to get on top of things. By helping with writing, preparing graphics and putting it online our keen volunteers free us to concentrate on some of our trickier projects, such as upgrading our blog to open it up to our volunteers!"
Craig Allen, Web Officer

"All of the volunteers I've met or heard of working for Bush Heritage have amazing dedication and enthusiasm, tireless energy, wonderful skills and insight, with a terrific sense of adventure. I caught up with a couple of volunteers (husband and wife team) recently who had worked out on one of our remote properties soon after it had been acquired by Bush Heritage. They started recounting some of the stories of their time out there, the tasks they were doing with limited equipment and the friendships they had developed with the staff. Despite so many years having passed you could feel the deep connection they had made with the place through their enthusiastic re-telling of stories. It was almost like they were re-living their time out there. Thank you to all of our incredible volunteers."
Katrina Blake, National Visitation Coordinator

Annette Stewart