The Art of Nature on Badimaya Country

on 01 Aug 2013 

Yesterday saw the start of our 4 week creative art project with the local Perenjori Primary  School - The Art of Nature. This project is being run by a Bush Heritage volunteer and professional primary school art teacher Ms Jacqui Coupe from Victoria. This  exciting volunteer program/project was developed with assistance from Stacey and Heidi in the Melbourne office.

This term will see Charles Darwin Reserve (White Wells Station) working closely with Perenjori Primary School to help children understand more about the history and diversity of their amazing local environment, local Badimaya culture and the work of Bush Heritage Australia.

Through art and nature, Perenjori Primary School children will work alongside teachers and arts enthusiast Jacquie Coupe (volunteer from North East Victoria currently at Charles Darwin Reserve)to create clay creatures and natural collages connected to this country.

Children will research at school local fauna that is found on Badimaya country and then further investigate the natural landscapes of Charles Darwin Reserve with Jacquie, Luke Bayley  and school staff on a field trip on Thursday August 1. Representatives of the traditional landowners will also join us for more education about this country.

On Thursdays trip with school kids spend the day with Ashley Bell a local Badimaya man and our neighbor at Ninghan Station. Ashley welcomed the Perenjori Primary to CDR and then spent the day sharing his culture and special stories about the plants and animals of Badimaya country. Local Badimaya woman cooked kangaroo tail and damper for us all to share at lunch.

Whilst on country the kids also prepared for their clay creatures that they will be making over the coming weeks at school with Jacquie. Each student chose a animal that is found on Badimaya country and marked the location on CDR where they will place their clay creation once its complete. Once the clay creations are made they will be bought back out to CDR and put in the designated spot. Photos will be taken of each kids work and this will then form part of a local exhibition/display.

Watch out for the evolving ‘art of nature’being created by the Perenjori children, and see it re-appear at the Perenjori Show on August 17 and the Charles Darwin Reserve Open Day in October.

A exciting project connecting local kids to country, culture and Bush Heritage.