Behind-the-scenes helpers from the Greening Australia nursery

on 14 Nov 2014 

When you put in nearly 20,000 plants in two years and you're just one (albeit a big one!) of many sites in the region, there's a need for a lot of work to be done just to get those plants ready.

As a bit of a thank-you, Greening Australia brought out its nursery team to visit Scottsdale Reserve. These are the people who turn up nearly every week to propagate and look after all those thousands of plants that have to be grown in town.

They rarely get to see where all that effort ends up but they approved of what they saw at Scottsdale Reserve and I'm looking forward to showing to them again in another 10 years!

Lunch got cosy as Friends of Grasslands were also here doing their grassland monitoring, so we had nearly 70 people in the shed for lunch that day!