The Goonderoo loo challenge

on 27 Apr 2016 

Volunteer caretakers, Ian and Annie Mayo have discovered that they're not the only residents at the Goonderoo homestead. They sent us the following:

Ian and I are currently volunteering at Goonderoo, where the loo is presenting a challenge!

Within a few days of arriving, the tumbleweed started tumbling in and it settles right in front of the loo. Then there was the Amethyst Python that decided the loo looked an interesting place to visit. Sorry the picture is blurred but I was in a bit of a hurry to take a shot!

Then there was the day a snake had slithered up the back of the loo and under the seat to get to the water in the bowl. It looked up at me when I lifted the lid. My exit from the loo was a textbook flight response – very fast. It turned out to be a harmless tree snake and as Ian was trying to encourage it to leave using a broom, it climbed up the wall and disappeared into the sink overflow! That’s now stuffed with toilet paper to prevent a repeat performance. I didn’t get a shot of that snake.

When you do get to the loo, there’s often a tree frog guarding it, or sitting on it, or sometimes even in it.