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The IPCC report is tough reading – but there is hope

I know the latest IPCC report on climate change can feel like yet another blow in a year of hard knocks, but I am heartened to see the updated timelines, and strengthened predictions. Not because it means that climate change is here – we already knew that – because this is the greatest opportunity we have to leverage some action on climate change at the national and state levels. 

The IPCC scientists are a very considered, knowledgeable, committed group of experts who dedicate time to helping us all understand what is happening now and into the future. And this report confirms what we are already seeing here and overseas. Now is the time to act, at every level. There is quite a lot that we need the government to act on right now, but Bush Heritage has not been waiting around with our hands in our pockets waiting for someone to give us a plan. 

We have been working with CSIRO to draw down huge amounts of information on the specific information across the lands where we work, how we can best prepare for the changes that are coming – mitigating what we can and adapting to what is inevitable.

We brought together academics, NGO’s and businesses on the  national-scale Conservation Futures project to develop and combine better environmental reporting, climate change predictions and Traditional Owner knowledge and aspirations.

In fact, if you need a boost, go onto our video page to hear from our staff all around the country, what we are doing and how science plays a crucial role in designing and reporting on our impact.

We are grateful to all the scientists who have contributed to the report and welcome its release, not for what it says but because it is being said.


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