The luxury touch at Naree

Sarah Martin
Published 23 Jul 2014 
about  Naree Station  
Historian in an artesian hot tub!<br/> Historian in an artesian hot tub!

We never expected a hot spa pool at Naree. But a simple cattle trough under a pipe that pumps hot water from the artesian bore makes a luxurious start and end to each day. As the sun rises it colours the sky a soft pink fading to pale blue, and catches the leaves of the nearby eucalypts that glint gold. With steam rising off the water, Peter and I lie back in the tub and reflect on life in the outback.

So different from city life, it has to be experienced. Around us several small birds calling fill the air with sweet peaceful sounds. Beyond that is the silence of the vast landscape and open sky. It takes time to tune into it, to embrace it, and to understand its significance.  For the silence is the gateway into another world, where indigenous stories of country make sense, and where you can feel the difficulties experienced by all those who have eked out an existence in this harsh, often compromising environment. Fragments of these lives are all that are left in many cases, since the landscape is constantly being wiped clean from hot dry winds, heavy rains. They are all present, however, in that deep enveloping silence if you just listen to it.