The seeds are sown at Scottsdale Reserve

on 04 May 2016 
The small hot house inside our big one.

At Scottsdale Reserve near Bredbo village a group of volunteers have been busy collecting and sowing seed to growing the many seedlings required for planting in various spots around the reserve.

The seed is collected from many places, including the nursery seed area, the gardens, the new enclosed patch protection sites and other places on the reserve. Twice now we've used seed collected for the enclosed patches. Indeed, one patch provided 700 grams of seed of the Hoary Sunray compared to 45 grams from the nursery.

The species collected from is varied, including ground covers such as Daises, Lilyies, Blue Devils, Native Flax and a number of native grass species.

Seed is also used to grow the many trees and shrubs that get planted on the reserve. Some were also used for another project along the Murrumbidgee river. And others are sometimes donated to Bredbo Landcare group.

These photos show the many different growth stages of the plants in the Scottsdale nursery.

The small hot house inside our big one.