The talent & generosity of our volunteers is astounding

Published 11 Sep 2015 

Earlier this year I sent out a call to see if there was interest in assisting to develop colouring-sheets that would support the community engagement work of our Reserve Teams.

Colouring-sheets are a wonderful tool used at local events and gatherings to engage, inspire and educate our younger conservationists.

I was utterly overwhelmed by artistic volunteers from across the country who were excited to be able to contribute their talents.

Although a work in progress, as we develop and complete drawings for a couple of final reserves, these colouring-sheets are now available for use by our staff and the general public.

The quality and beauty of these drawings is just astonishing and we are very proud to showcase them.

Bush Heritage Australia would like to thank the wonderful and talented volunteers who contributed their time and expertise to produce these works of art. We know that children across the country will appreciate them for years to come.

Following are the volunteers who contributed:

  • Eleanor Lang
  • Rosie Smith
  • Emily Perceval
  • Pam Melrose
  • Eve Pawlik
  • Brett Steers
  • Alice Ewing
  • Morgyn Phillips
  • Helen Pithie
  • Edna Petersen
  • Karen McGregor
  • Savannah Daoud-Opit

The colouring-sheets can be downloaded in Adobe PDF format from our website here.