Threatened birds almost in the shed!

Guest bloggers
Published 04 Sep 2015 
by Gillian Carter 
about  Scottsdale Reserve  

Diamond Firetail. <br/> Diamond Firetail.
Two more Diamond Firetails.<br/> Two more Diamond Firetails.

We were lucky enough to have volunteer Gillian Carter come out to Scottsdale for some weed spraying recently. The following has been posted on her behalf:

Hooded Robins and Diamond Firetail Finches are both listed as vulnerable species in NSW – but both are regular visitors to the Scottsdale Reserve HQ (or shed).

To the naked eye Diamond Firetails are just little brown birds flitting around – a bit like sparrows. But with a pair of binoculars or a zoom lens their gorgeous plumage and markings come into focus. I like to think of them as dapper plump gentlemen dressed in black ties and polka-dot waistcoats ready for a formal occasion!

Their preferred habitat is grassy box woodland, which explains their vulnerable status, and with the ongoing restoration of this habitat on Scottsdale hopefully their numbers will increase.

They breed from August onwards, and have a very distinctive call like an ascending wail ("eeeeEEEEE!").

I was lucky enough to snap these two with the camera as we got the truck ready for an afternoon of weed spraying last week.

Two more Diamond Firetails.<br/> Two more Diamond Firetails.