Two New Species Confirmed at Charles Darwin Reserve Today

on 12 Apr 2013 

As part of further fauna surveys at Charles Darwin Reserve two new reptile species were confirmed for the Reserve. This is very exciting that we are still discovering new species 10 years after the purchase of CDR. The Monk Snake and the Gwardar were captured in pitfall traps as part of the survey work being done by PhD student Tim Doherty. It is refreshing having  University students regularly at the Reserve to participate in field work and generally connect with the landscape out this way. - they all like coopers pale ale as well.

As it turns out both snakes are down on the list as unconfirmed at CDR. The small Monk Snake, Parasuta monarchus (black head, orange) is right on the southern edge of it's range at CDR and was trapped in an unburnt site of Wanarra Rd. It's slightly venomous but not fatal.

Surprisingly the Gwardar (Pseudonaja nuchalis) was also down as unconfirmed on the list, it's well within range and they're relatively common, but easily confused with other brown snakes unless you can get a really good look. The one we caught was a juvenile and a very light color morph. It's also the most venomous snake confirmed at CDR.