Unlocking our volunteers' skills

Michelle Stook
Published 10 Nov 2016 
about  Scottsdale Reserve  
Almost like Egyptian hieroglyphs!<br/> Almost like Egyptian hieroglyphs!
With all the tools in place!<br/> With all the tools in place!

Scottsdale Reserve, near the ACT, attracts over 300 volunteers each and every year. They bring various skills, experiences and energy to the work that they do.

All of us have a unique skill or passion that makes us individual. On Scottsdale Reserve we embrace diversity and thrive on bringing out the skills and passions of our volunteers. However, sometimes we just have to dig a little deeper in order to uncover what lies beneath.

Richard Taylor decided to embark on an Australian adventure and left his home in England to visit his uncle, Chris, who is a long-term Bush Heritage volunteer on Scottsdale. Initially we weren't quite certain how best to harness his enthusiasm and passion for the Australian bush.

Rich quickly put his hands to an array of tasks, ticking off a wide range of reserve jobs including frog surveys, weed spraying, fox baiting and general maintenance but it wasn’t until we set him the task of building a shadow board that he revealed his unique talent!

His artistic abilities completely shone through. We're forever grateful and the Scottsdale workshop has never looked more organised. It gleams with creative flair.

Thanks Richard, and we hope you enjoyed your Australian Bush Heritage experience.

Scottsdale Reserve is always looking for new volunteers and interested parties can register on the volunteer page of our website.

With all the tools in place!<br/> With all the tools in place!