What is happening in Victoria's Riverina Goldfields?

on 20 Mar 2013 

Why have we been travelling Nth Central Vic and venturing into southern parts of NSW?

Towards the end of last year we finished our first iteration of the BH Riverina Goldfields Regional Strategy and Action Plan, outlining how we will work in this region over the next five years in line with our National Strategic Plan.

We are at the Impliment Actions and Monitor Phase (step 3) of the Conservation Management Process (CMP, BH version of the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation).

As part of this and the adaptive management approach we are all committed to, we have been ground truthing our plan, and assessing if our actions are aligned to SMART criteria.

It has been an extremely valuable road-trip, with the benefits of this including; the establishment and strengthening of a number of partnerships, gaining a much better understanding of the ladscape, both physical, financial and of other agency investments; the establishment of alternate models to enable community supported landscape scale conservation across this BH priority landscape, and to support Jeroen in the ongoing and essential work he is doing in the Karra Karra Wedderburn landscape, where JC Griffin and Nardoo Hills reserves are.

The plan is worth a read if you have not seen it as it has identified five priority targets across six landscapes.

With ongoing collaboration and partnership with the Trust for Nature, Dja Dja Wurrong Enterprises, Cassina Environmental Services, Catchment Management Authorities and Conservation Management Networks, along with the broader community and others such as Parks Victoria, Landcare and others, we aim to conserve some significant landscapes and species.

There will be ongoing activities in this landscape, please call Matt Jeroen or myself for any info, we are all realy keen to make sure you are all aware of BH plans on most of your backyards!

All the best

Al, Matt and Jeroen.