Updates from the Volunteer Advisory Committee

Published 21 Sep 2017 
by Nicky Rolls 
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I'm a physiotherapist whose outside interests include competitive cycling and conservation. I've been a Bush Heritage volunteer for about 9 years. I started off volunteering on reserves during my holidays and performed numerous duties including weed control, pit-fall trap monitoring, controlled burning, fence line removal and construction, painting and general 'clean ups' of reserve property. Each trip has educated me first hand on how Bush Heritage reserves are managed on a day-to-day basis. Tasks are large and ongoing and constant monitoring is required.

Being a member of the Volunteer Advisory Committee has been an eye-opening experience in regards to protocol, procedure and transparency. Bush Heritage takes its role in conservation seriously and its decisions and strategies are preceded by much planning and forethought.

My project has been to instigate a photography competition for volunteers and staff. Countless photographs are taken on reserves each year and we wanted to share these beautiful images with a wider audience. Combining nature, art and people, we intend to announce our first category winners during National Volunteer Week celebrations in 2018.

Setting up policy and procedures for a photography competition has been a challenging learning experience for someone who is better known as the 'Weed Queen' amongst some staff members. I am truly excited to get this project up and running and envisage that it will be an annual event. The images we receive will help tell the Bush Heritage story and communicate some of the connection between our landscapes, people and native wildlife.

I am thanked for my time and commitment to the organisation but I have equally benefited from the opportunities to learn and be involved (even in a small way) in organisational procedures that will help Bush Heritage grow and prosper. This ultimately enables us to have a greater capacity to care for our environment.