Volunteering at Boolcoomatta - our kind of holiday!

Joanna Axford
Published 15 Jul 2016 
about  Boolcoomatta Reserve  
Tony and Meredith Geyer entering weed data at Boolcoomatta<br/> Tony and Meredith Geyer entering weed data at Boolcoomatta

Meredith and Tony Geyer recently spent a month at Boolcoomatta Reserve providing great help to Reserve Manager Al Dermer and assisting the weeds working bee. Here they give an account of their experience.

Volunteering at Boolcoomatta was our kind of holiday! We enjoyed the work and its rewards, and equally enjoyed having the time to explore the Reserve. We were able to spend the time patiently waiting for the little bush birds to pop up into view and got very excited to see a total of five Brown Falcons.

The Chirruping Wedge-bill can be heard all over the place but it was not until our last few days at Boolcoomatta that we finally spotted one of the little fellows perched on top of a salt-bush singing his little heart out. The call is very monotonous, bit like a stuck record, but the bird itself is very cute with a crest like some young men wear these days.

While at Boolcoomatta we were pleased to meet the other volunteers. Some had travelled long distances to be there. We enjoyed this opportunity to get to know people with conservation interests that matched our own. Their company was always convivial and we had some laughs together, shared meals and a glass or two, and exchanged knowledge and experiences. We certainly hope to meet up again with at least some of them.

Some of the activities were directly related to conservation projects but others were relevant to the overall objectives of Bush Heritage. We feel it's important to make volunteers feel welcome and comfortable when they stay at Boolcoomatta, and much of the work we did was towards this. There's so much for Al to do on the property and we were glad to help, thus freeing him up for other work.

Tony and I look forward to returning to Boolcoomatta as volunteers later this year."

Thank you Meredith and Tony, it was an absolute pleasure to have you helping out and your efforts are much appreciated.