Volunteering from the comfort of home

Michelle Stook (Volunteer Program Coordinator)
Published 11 Jul 2016 
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Eleanor Sobey and Skye.<br/> Eleanor Sobey and Skye.
Kim Eastman.<br/> Kim Eastman.
Mike Honey.<br/> Mike Honey.

I ask our volunteers often what they like most about volunteering with Bush Heritage and the general response sounds something like, ‘We get to do what we love’.

Offering home-based opportunities has been a wonderful way to enable those who work full-time or who are not able to be on reserve, the chance to engage in the work we do.

Mike Honey is a Melbourne-based volunteer who operates his own company Manga Solutions, and who specialises in transforming data into engaging interactive dashboards and reports. Mike has been helping us develop visual representations of data from across all areas of our organisation to better showcase graphically the work that we do and the impacts that we are making. 

"Despite living and working in a capital city, I get out into the bush almost every weekend. I'd love to do my part to further the aims of Bush Heritage and help leave a lasting legacy for future generations".
– Mike Honey, Report Developer

Bush Heritage prides itself on working collaboratively and we host multiple committees to deliver on our goals. This year we've got the skills of a volunteer who supports us by developing minutes for the Volunteer Advisory Committee and the Bettong Reintroduction Project. 

"I work full-time, and am not often able to get to the reserves and other projects. But I wanted to be involved, and this allows me to do something I'm good at (I work in administration) from home in my own time. It's been great, and everyone is very appreciative of what I do".
Evelyn Mills, Minute Drafter

Some home-based volunteers have had a long history volunteering in the field but a change in circumstance sees a home-based option as a valuable alternative. Eleanor Sobey worked as the Assistant Director, Legislation and Policy, Department of Environment but this year has been volunteering to develop internal Bush Heritage Policy.

"As a newly fledged mum, working from home on desk-based projects such as policy development is a fun and more convenient way for me to continue volunteering with Bush Heritage while also looking after my beautiful six-month-old daughter, Skye". 
– Eleanor Sobey, Policy Maker

Recent retiree Kim Eastman has a passion for the preservation of Australian eco-systems and has lived and worked from her Tasmanian bush property for the past 40 years. Kim has been supporting our work by providing data entry assistance for our ecologists.

"I love doing data entry because it's a meaningful and easy way to keep my passion for the environment alive AND it's as good as a crossword puzzle because I have to interpret scribbled field notes and learn how to spell some seriously challenging species names".
Kim Eastman, Ecological Data Entry

This is a very small example of the skills, experience and diversity of our volunteers and the work they do. We’d like to thank all of our Bush Heritage volunteers from across the country and we look forward to developing many more home-based opportunities.

Eleanor Sobey and Skye.<br/> Eleanor Sobey and Skye.
Kim Eastman.<br/> Kim Eastman.
Mike Honey.<br/> Mike Honey.