Volunteering in Victoria

on 03 Jun 2015 

This past week I have had the good fortune of meeting some of our Victorian based volunteers.  I was joined by Alistair Dermer our Healthy Landscape Manager, Victoria and Tasmania and Jeroen Van Veen our Nardoo Hills Reserve Manager who accompanied a group of our Conservation Supporter Centre (CSC) volunteers to morning tea.

We had the chance to meet Norma and Julian who support the ecology team across the country with survey data entry, Arnis who was central in developing the Bush Heritage Wiki, Philip who volunteers with the Conservation Projects Team and Elise who volunteers in our Supporter Services Team each week. We enjoyed sharing our experiences and having the opportunity to discuss reserve life with Al and Jeroen.

Al, Jeroen and I then headed to Nardoo Hills for the first of this year’s Weekend Working Bees. These working bees see small groups of volunteers undertake tasks such as weed spraying, cactus stabbing and erosion control projects.

We managed to stab the equivalent of 5km of small cactus with almost all of the mature plants having been eradicated. This regular follow-up method is undertaken to control seedlings from developing.

During an afternoon tea break we saw a hooded robin and a couple of brown tree creepers in very close proximity and volunteer Andrew captured these wonderful images.

The hooded robin is considered an ‘indicator species’ for grassy woodlands. They prefer intact areas of woodland that have a complex understory and they are deemed highly sensitive to any alterations in their preferred woodland habitats.

This sighting buoyed us on for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening when we reconvened to enjoy dinner together and learn more about the area from Jeroen.

Thanks to all of the volunteers for their incredible commitment to this very important work and we look forward to the upcoming weeding weekends planned until the end of October.