Volunteers & weed management on Scottsdale

on 21 Oct 2016 

Noxious weed management can be a complicated community problem - but not an insurmountable problem. Success requires long-term commitment and cooperation from all stakeholders to deliver positive, effective results. 

The Cooma-Monaro Shire Council work collaboratively with the community to manage weeds and one of their current strategies is to ensure that as many of their local land holders are certified in chemical usage. Chemical Certification courses can be quite prohibitive in cost normally but the council have provided free training over the last couple of weeks to community members.

This week on Scottsdale we played host to twelve of our Bush Heritage volunteers and other local community members who over two days, undertook both classroom theory and the practical application of chemicals on our reserve.

The pressure from noxious weeds degrades the landscape and impacts on the native grasses and species. We appreciate the support from the Cooma-Monaro Council as their program will assist our weed management program greatly and formalised training opportunities are always very welcomed and appreciated by our volunteers.