Volunteers are our conservation heroes - National Volunteer Week 2016

Gerard O'Neill
Published 11 May 2016 
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Bush Heritage Staff across the country<br/> Bush Heritage Staff across the country

On this the 2016 National Volunteer Week, I would like to take the opportunity to thank our Bush Heritage volunteers for an incredible contribution throughout 2015. Your expertise, knowledge and passion for the Australian Bush contributed to incredible outcomes assisting in the conservation of our unique biodiversity.

Last year Bush Heritage was fortunate to be supported by 477 volunteers in 268 activities across the country resulting in close to 29,000 hours of effort in an array of activities including caretaking, surveys, monitoring, infrastructure projects, natural resource management activities, events, administration, cultural heritage projects, ecological data entry and specialist technical support. 

In 2015-16, Bush Heritage has been able to offer many new and diversified roles inclusive of home-based opportunities, team leader positions, cultural heritage and Aboriginal Partnership roles and many new research roles.

Our volunteers have long supported us with their knowledge, experience and expertise and in 2015 we've instigated the Volunteer Advisory Committee, which is tasked with providing a volunteer voice in the development of volunteering involving policy and procedure.

The diversity and beauty of our reserves is only rivalled by the diversity and the passion of our volunteers who come together every year, often traversing the nation in order to support the work that we do. Our volunteers are our conservation heroes and coupled with our strong, collaborative ethos, we make an impressive team and have been able to achieve astonishing goals together.

Our staff recently created the following video and we hope this goes even a small way to demonstrate what our volunteers mean to us on both a professional and personal level.


On behalf of our reserve families, our staff, managers and the Bush Heritage Board, I’d like to thank and congratulate you during this 2016 National Volunteer Week.


Gerard O’Neill

Bush Heritage Australia CEO

Bush Heritage Staff across the country<br/> Bush Heritage Staff across the country