Volunteers tackle annual weeding

about  Charles Darwin Reserve  
on 24 Nov 2014 

Every Spring at Charles Darwin Reserve in WA, a loyal band of volunteers reunite for two working bees to tackle invasive weeds.These dedicated folks have been coming back for years and have the satisfaction of seeing the difference they are making over time.

This year, regular Geoff Corrick penned a poetic "call to arms" hoping to recruit more members to their weeding team for 2015. Geoff performed his poem at the Blues for the Bush event.

Last week we came for a weeding bee
Here at Charles Darwin Reserve you see.
Our adventures I shall tell  in verse
As we tackled the Paterson's Curse.

On the track in the morning by eight
Six of us, keen, in fine mental state.
Knife, bucket and hat is all we need
As we search for the yellow Cape Weed.

Janet's the boss, with Barry and Wendy
Then Brian, Geoff and dear Rosemary.
Out to a well, up hill and over,
As we seek the burr of the Clover.

Just about anyone can play a part
Whether young of body, young at heart.
If reasonably fit an ageing codger
Can still bring down a Stinking Roger.

Why do we weed? It's well you may ask,
It seems such a never ending task.
Think globally and act locally
To clean-up the prickly Double Gee.

Weeds aside, there's joy in the local.
Lapwing chicks, the parents get vocal,
Lizards, sun moths and burrowing bees
As we dig out Mustard on our knees.

Sixty thousand hectares, where to start?
Chairman Mao might have played a part.
The first step starts the long long march
As we  pull out the first Blow-fly Grass.

Next year we'll be doing it again
A week or two of fun joining in.
The names of the weeds to not deter,
We learn while slaying Maltese Cockspur.

Please come to help us in future years.
See the website call for volunteers.
Join the team in brave and foolish deeds
To rid CDR of all its weeds

– Geoff the Weeder

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