We're going on a frog hunt!

By Larissa Lauder 
on 20 Feb 2017 

After experiencing the biggest storm we've seen at Hamelin Station Reserve, which brought us almost 69mm of rain overnight, I woke at daylight on Thursday to the sound of a persistent ratta-tat-tat/ tap-tap-tap which seemed to be coming from everywhere. 

I was surprised and excited to find that the source of the noise was not water dripping but Shoemaker frogs (Neobatrachus sutor)

It was the first time I have seen frogs here at Hamelin so I was very excited. So was Harry, our two year old, who then helped us go on a frog ‘hunt’ to try to identify what we could hear. 

Armed with his trusty binoculars (facing backwards), he confidently identified them all as 'FROGS'. Tony and I were fairly certain we could hear at least  three, possibly four, different types of calls so we were hoping to provide the ecologists with a bit more information. 

We've tentatively identified four species and are currently working with our ecologists to confirm them. This increases the recorded number of frog species recorded at Hamelin. 

Over 130mm of rain has fallen since the new year, mostly in two big falls of 47.2 (Jan) and 68.8mm (Feb ).