What do you get when two Canadians and a bunch of city folk go into the outback?

on 14 Sep 2012 

It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but what you get is a once in a lifetime experience, that left us equal parts energised and exhausted!

Maria Tolentino and I were lucky enough to visit Craven's Peak Reserve at the end of July. Pete and Linda and Mo were great hosts and made us all feel really welcome. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the plants, animals and landscapes on Craven's Peak and  to learn more about life out on reserve.

We left with a feeling of deep respect and appreciation for everyone out on Craven's Peak, as well as Mike Chuk and Julia who were so generous with their knowledge and time.

The lovely feedback we received from guests showed us that the trip left them even more engaged with Bush Heritage's work. One couple summed the comments up nicely:

"We cannot thank you all enough for your hospitality over the weekend and for allowing us to share this very unique world. We feel a great kinship with that land having travelled it in years gone by and so the visit was a very special re-union for us.As well it has been really good for us to see BHA at work on the ground and to see the wildlife we saw. It almost seemed strange to get home and not see red sand and gidgee bush, something not right in suburban Sydney, needs a Sandhill or 2. We learnt a great deal during our chats with Peter and Mo and as well from Mike also who is a font of knowledge."