What does $8,000 worth of seed look like?

about  Monjebup 
on 13 Apr 2016 

Restoration on our Monjebup property in Gondwana Link, southwest Western Australia, has received a boost with donor support to establish food plants for the threatened Carnaby's Black Cockatoo.

Eva Palmer is supporting a three year project to put more proteaceous plants back into the landscape for these birds. The initial phase was a trial of direct sowing by machine of proteaceous seed, which in the past has proved to be a big challenge because of the difficulty in collecting, treating and distributing the large seeds.

The trial showed that five species were suitable for direct sowing and the seed of the additional species were given to a local nursery to grow on for hand-planting this winter.

Recently Eva and her husband Mike were shown the plants at the nursery that have been grown specifically for the Monjebup project.

They then visited the site on Monjebup Reserve with myself (as Ecologist) and Landscape Manager, Simon Smale. Here they saw the direct sowing in action and also just what $8,000 worth of proteaceous seed looks like (see picture). It doesn't look like a lot!

As precious as gold, we were careful not to let any blow away in the wind. With the amazing wet start to the planting season we're hoping for excellent results, which should see a return of Carnaby's Cockatoo to this part of the property within the next few years.